Our Man Sietsema Enjoys John Dory’s Cod Sperm


This week, Our Man Sietsema tells us all about the John Dory, the new seafood restaurant from the Spotted Pig’s chef April Bloomfield. The upshot is that there’s a whole lot of really good fish to be had, but mainly at a price that few can afford right now.

Our Man praises a few dishes with enthusiasm:

The best of the uncooked selections is the yellowtail, cut into fat
matchsticks and dribbled with ginger oil, which is made crunchy with
shreds of purple shallot and flakes of charred skin. What a beautiful
picture it made on the plate!

And, Sietsema being Sietsema, he can’t resist the opportunity for a dirty joke:

It came, for example, on cod milt (fish sperm, $16), a dish that
defines just how far the menu will go to deliver novel seafood
sensations. While this may conjure up images of ejaculating fish and
hapless under-chefs running after them with paper cups, the semen comes
in a sac that fries up like sweetbreads. For aficionados of weird food,
it’s delicious.

Semen, sac and sweetbreads–three words we never thought we’d see in the same sentence in a restaurant review!

The John Dory
85 Tenth Avenue