“RNAi Cocktail” Blocks Herpes in Mice


Since last year’s Department of Health report found that one-fourth of our sexed-up citizens have herpes, New Yorkers should be exceptionally interested to learn that a Harvard Medical School researcher has found a “topical treatment” that, via RNA interference (RNAi), disables key genes necessary for herpes virus transmission in mice. “It creates in the tissue a state that’s resistant to infection,” says lead investigator Professor Judy Lieberman, “even if applied up to a week before sexual exposure… If we can reproduce these results in people, this could have a powerful impact on preventing transmission.” The Harvard Med release explains to us laymen that with application of this “RNAi cocktail, the host tissue becomes like a fortress that pulls up the drawbridge to block the enemy’s entrance,” so to speak. Professor Lieberman is now investigating the use of a similar treatment against HIV. Start spreading the good news!


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