The Sheekey Diaries


The daily schedules of Kevin Sheekey, deputy mayor for Bloombergian political ambitions, have been posted courtesy of a FOIL request and a good deed by Azi Paybarah, the NY Observer/PolitickerNY‘s indefatigable political watchdog.

In addition to Paybarah’s shrewd observations (he notes, for instance, that Sheekey’s last diary entry for the mayor’s still-born pledge to initiate a new Charter Revision Commission was last February), a quick read of the much-redacted schedules offers these feeble insights into the doings of the Great Sheek:

–Brooklyn assembly member and Democratic party boss Vito Lopez — whose agreement is crucial should Bloomberg seek the Democratic nomination this year — gets a lot of face time with the Top Dep. At least eight Sheekey-Lopez get-togethers are listed, including lunch at Lopez’s favorite, Cono & Sons on Graham Avenue. Lopez even brought Sheekey to a meeting of Sephardic businessmen at the Manhattan offices of real estate titans Midtown Equities last month.

Lally Weymouth, the socialite conservative daughter of Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham with a thing for political writers, has had Sheekey as her lunch guest at The Four Seasons — three times.

–Teachers union chief Randi Weingarten also breaks bread often with Sheekey, but at the more downscale and out-of-the-way Gee Whiz diner on Greenwich Street (labor alert: the diner figured prominently in the DC 37 scandals a decade ago when union bosses were shown to have paid kickbacks for food orders there).

Jon Kest, ACORN’s political mastermind, also has lots to talk about with the Sheekster: The two have met more than a half dozen times since 2007, the skeds show, sometimes together with ACORN leader and Bloomberg smoocher Bertha Lewis, but usually just politico mano a mano.

–At some point, veteran consultant and Zen master of the quick quote Hank Sheinkopf became just “Hank S” in Sheekey’s skeds. Cozy ain’t it? Also, one more indication that ex-Bill Thompson adviser Sheinkopf is changing horses for the upcoming mayoral race.

–And what do you suppose Sheekey and Democratic get-out-the-vote great Michael Whouley were talking about when they sat down together in August 2007 when Bloomberg’s presidential dreams were being stoked by Sheekey and others? A month later, proving he’s an equal opportunity tease, Sheekey also sat with David Norcross, then head of the Republican National Committee’s rules committee.

Thanks Azi.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 21, 2009

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