3 Arrests in Inmate Killing Probed by Voice


You’ve seen the stories Voice reporter Graham Rayman has been writing about the October killing of Christopher Robinson on Rikers Island — how the 18-year-old inmate was beaten to death under peculiar circumstances and how, after Rayman’s continued probing, first one and then several Corrections officials were squeezed out of the Department in relation to the case.

Now those Corrections employees most directly responsible — the three “lazy, bored and stupid” Rikers guards who, according to a police source at the Daily News, “picked an inmate, put him in charge and didn’t check the rest of the night,” leading to Robinson’s fatal beatdown — have been indicted for conspiracy in Robinson’s death. Correction Officers Michael McKie, Khalid Nelson and Denise Albright were arrested as they came to work yesterday. 12 prisoners are already under indictment.

Graham Rayman started investigating the Corrections corruption at Rikers in February 2008, when he uncovered a “fight club” of inmate-on-inmate violence supervised by guards.

It’s nice when a newspaper series helps advance the cause of justice.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 22, 2009


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