Hillary Gets Started at State


While the chaos over her old seat increased, Hillary Clinton cheerfully took her new one this morning, receiving the diplomatic-corps equivalent of a rockstar reception at the State Department this morning. She made a little speech, much interrupted by cheers, in which she said she wants the foreign service she has just inherited not to let “the kind of divisiveness” that we all suffered in the reign of the tyrants to “keep State from serving the American People.” She announced the President would be coming over later today — another big cheer — to show “how seriously committed he is to working with us.” She described her new job as “a great adventure” and told her staff “be of strong heart and do not grow weary as we attempt to do good… I don’t get up in the morning just thinking about the threats and the dangers… I take this office with a real sense of joy… and now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get to work! Thank you and God bless you!” And with that she entered the building.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 22, 2009


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