Home Team Roundup: Psychic Ills, Clap Your Hands Say Nope Thank You





Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

Psychic Ills will not rouse a large enough massive to encourage a large scale war of words, but there’s a small, pitched battle drawn between those who are underwhelmed by their slow-boiling new collection on Mirror Eye and those who mutter “pffft” and “drugs fuck you” in comments, “gang gang, no dance” in Twitter reviews. Harrison Owen, the guy behind the DVD zine Fingered directed this video for “Mantis,” which respectfully tries to stay as on point visually as the nearing-ten-minute track does sonically.

Versus Antony‘s new video, which is as ornate and sensuous (body paint! antlers!) as his melismatic vocal melodies.

The lead-up to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah‘s breakup, probably a long time coming, must partially be blamed on the ease with which bloggers could throw any old word or expression on top of “Yeah” and come off the more clever. There are probably endless permutations of scorn for those with a search engine and an afternoon on their hands, but an abbreviated history might go: Clap Your Hands Say Yawn, Clap Your Hands Say ZZZzzzz, Clap Your Hands Say No, Clap Your Hands Say Yuck, Clap Your Hand Say Nope, No Thank You, Clap Your Hands Stop Clapping, Clap Your Hands Say Rebuttal, and of course, Goodbye. Still waiting to figure out which demographic is left to be upset about this impending not-a-breakup probable breakup.

If you haven’t been visiting the National-produced Dark Was the Night Compilation Myspace page, you haven’t been catching previews of new tracks by New York’s stable of indie stallions. If riding on the back of indie buzz isn’t you’re thing (Yeasayer were alright eight months ago, right?) then perhaps you like fighting HIV/AIDS. Give it a shot.

Congratulations TV on the Radio, Vampire Weekend and Santogold for finishing among the top ten albums of the 2008 Pazz n Jop Critic’s Poll.

New Q-Tip video, in the same week as his near-Top 25 finish in the Pazz + Jop Critics Poll.

Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s new album title It’s Blitz: removing an article from an otherwise grammatical statement, making us think when we probably don’t have to.

It’s about effing time: Run-DMC inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We begin to cull the finest in Showpaper “I Saw You.”

New Sonic Youth album details as murky as a Thurston Moore guitar solo. Moore’s quips include: “…the first song we recorded has a total Wipers vibe, if the Wipers were a No Wave band.” Also, watch for Black Metal inspiration, but no Black Metal “delivery.”

Four people were stabbed in Canarsie at an after party for Notorious, perhaps because Biggie’s Upper East Side neuroses was getting to someone.

Immortal Technique raps for Gaza money (as opposed to Arab Money.)

If Virgin Megastore can’t handle the heat, who’s surprised when another indie venue bites the dust: last month said goodbye to Knitting Factory in Manhattan, now goes Zipper Factory.

RZA’s slow-boiled track-leaking method for his January 27 record.

New Slasher Risk tape.

Jay “brand new hat thing” Z vs. Bill O’Reilly (below), while 50-Cent is Dubya.