New York Promotes Itself with Website for Tourists, “Silvers”


The city, in association with the shadowy corporate-government group NYC & Company, has launched, which in contradiction to our hopes upon hearing the name is not a site encouraging feebs and wasters to get the fuck out of our city, but a “new online resource for exploring New York.” It is rife with corporate partnerships, but so are all tourist guides, and we have to admit that, while it’s not as hipsterrific as, say, Flavorpill, is worth a browse for basic info even if you live here.

For example, we had forgotten all about Restaurant Week, and now we know it’s still on. And we’re pleased that visitors from England and Germany are being instructed to leave a goddamned tip, and that visitors from Killfaggot, Alabama are being told about the Gay Erotic Art Fair.

There are some peculiarities, too: the site calls Ellis Island “ellis island-aramark,” suggesting co-equal status for the historic site and the institutional food service company. And we find it odd that’s official nomenclature for baby boomers is “silvers,” and that they say silvers are “not the usual aging hipsters,” which we guess means that those Jazz Age hipsters really let themselves go, while today’s silvers are “energetic and active participants of life,” though they enjoy it “at a relaxed pace.” We think this description would send any self-respecting “silver,” not to a New York vacation package, but to an ethical suicide parlor — and aren’t they the only ones with money anymore?

It makes no difference. As with the Waterfalls, Bloomberg will just come back in a year and tell us some survey said was a huge success.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 22, 2009


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