One Good Reason to go to Kurve


Rhong-Tiam, the good sibling

Back in September, I wrote about the curious case of Rhong-Tiam and Kurve. Although they’re owned by the same guy, the restaurants could not be more different. Kurve is an epic fail–opening and then closing and then opening again, a crazy menu of trendy stuff, most of which is not available on any given night. The pink, Jetsons-style decor, the room always completely empty…Someone even suggested it’s an elaborate, jokey art installation about the state of the restaurant industry in New York. Sadly, I don’t think so, although that would be awesome.

And then there’s Rhong-Tiam, which has no decor to speak of, but is packed every night, serving up some very fine, non-trendy, Bankok-style Thai food. How these two restaurants could have been dreamed up by the same ownership is beyond me.

But it seems that the someone has suddenly seen the writing on the wall, and so “Rhong-Tiam Remixed” is born. Every Thursday night, Rhong-Tiam’s menu will be served at Kurve. There will also be relatively budget-friendly $6-$8 vodka cocktails in addition to Kurve’s cocktail list (designed by Sasha Petraske).

The restaurants’ publicist says that Kurve is “still alive and kicking” but will be undergoing “many changes” in the next weeks.


541 LaGuardia Place, 212-477-5700


87 Second Avenue, 212-260-8018