Gersh Kuntzman Pumps for Miss NY, Calls Miss NJ “Not Attactive”


Gersh Kuntzman — actually one of our favorite newsmen, and the SNA’s 2008 Editor of the Year — has taken a strong stand in his Brooklyn Paper for our state’s representative to the 2009 Miss America pageant, Leigh-Taylor Smith. That’s understandable — Smith’s a former Miss Brooklyn. But Kuntzman’s excitement over Smith’s qualifications — “no one pulls off a bikini like she does (I’m speaking figuratively, alas)!” — drives him to a surprisingly unchivalrous assessment of her competitors. He says of the large-browed Miss Alaska, “clearly she wants to get a forehead in life”; of Miss Arizona, “she looks like a contestant on ‘Real Housewives of Tempe,’ not Miss America”; of Miss Montana, “yes, I’m mocking her cross-eyes”; and of the contestant from our neighbor-state New Jersey, Ashleigh Fairfield, “She is simply not attractive… her teeth look big enough to have their own exit ramps.” We feel this sort of thing is beneath Kurtzman, and suggest that if he needs to drive traffic that badly, he should use the time-honored methods we use here: celebrity nudes and slander.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 23, 2009


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