Kid Sister’s Dream Date: The New Chinese Democracy?




Now that the Chinese Democracy release-date pools are through, we’ve been left with only two things to wager: 1) When is Gregg Gillis gonna get the track-suit pants sued off him? (Those “I am a PC” ads must pay; I say this May.) ; 2) What will the next unicorn will be? Chicagoist thinks Kid Sister’s Dream Date is a contender, since A-Trak’s lady friend keeps postponing shows and pushing back her Downtown Records’ debut. All we know is that when she magically told Ryan Dombal that she’d “fart on Usher,” she also admitted she was the reason for the delays. Something about preferring to be being a tardy success rather than a prompt failure–a/k/a “You only get one shot.”

And so some dude over at Cream Team scribbled Kid Sis an open letter telling her he’d have to stop crushing on her if Dream Date didn’t come out this year. He also mentioned my old friend Riskay. Melisa responded. Think that means she just might come through; sons, put your money on Eminem.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 26, 2009

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