What’s for Dinner?


What’s For Dinner? In which we ask random New Yorkers about their food lives.

Names: David and Miok.
Occupations: Editor and Financial Analyst, respectively.
Location: Brooklyn Trader Joe’s.
Live: Married with two kids in Park Slope.

What are you planning to do for dinner?
David: Beet salad with arugula and goat cheese.

Is this a dish you make a lot?
D: No, we went to our local farmer’s market and we saw that the beets were in season so we’re going to make beet salad.

Which farmer’s market?
Grand Army Plaza.

What are some of the things you got at TJ’s today?
D: Well, Miok’s from California so coming to Trader Joe’s is like returning to Mecca. She went hog wild.
Miok: Dumplings, chicken dumplings, let’s see, the beef tamales, always good. Chocolate chip cookies for the kids and just various other grocery items.

Are the kids going to eat the beet salad?
Probably not.

Are they junior foodies or are they on the mac and cheese diet?
M: More of the latter.
D: Organic mac and cheese.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 26, 2009


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