Why The Obsession With Caylee Anthony?


Booking photo of Casey Anthony

Isn’t it time we got over our fixation on slain Florida toddler Caylee Anthony? Aren’t there thousands of other crime stories that could be filling the airwaves and seizing our brain cells instead of this same old one over and over again?

To answer my own questions: No and who cares! I know it’s wrong to put so much focus on one squalid little story from the swamps, but ever since the media started doing so, I became hooked on it and now I can’t really live without it until it’s reached some kind of satisfactory conclusion.

What makes this case extra-interesting:

*Caylee was so big-eyed and adorable she could easily have been in cereal commercials.

*Mama Casey has held onto her lie–or series of lies–with a stunning tenaciousness. If only her mothering skills were as fierce as her ability to bullshit!

*The whole friggin’ family has been scarily media savvy from day one, all of them giving innumerable interviews and speaking fluently and floridly–albeit as misguidedly as you’d expect. They’re all brilliant psychos.

*There are always fascinating new developments in the case, like gramps’ supposed attempt to join Caylee in heaven. At least there’s someone in this family that’s trying to kill himself.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 26, 2009

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