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Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Adam Gregory’s “Crazy Days” | Village Voice


Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Adam Gregory’s “Crazy Days”


Last week’s prediction: Elizabeth Alexander/ mash-up

The Alberta-born Adam Gregory seems to be gunning for that heretofore unknown Owen Wilson-of-country cred–shaggy blond hair, prominent nose, high voice, and the faintest hint that he’s secretly ballin’ out of control. The “Crazy Days” video features helicopters, humvee limos, a cigarette boat, Corvettes, and one smoking hot girlfriend; the plot here is that Gregory has to hit the road, but he’s coming back, and when he does, they’re going to recreate the beach blanket and the backseat of his beat-up truck and whatever else Canadians do on cross-border romances with girls that look not unlike Jessica Alba. At 23-years-old, obviously, this guy has already done a lot of living.

The iTunes crowd seem to be split. Sesana says “When I first looked at Adam he looked like he belonged in the backstreet boys. Listening to the song is WAY different. I Love this song and I love his voice!” Tkaung differs: “Country is g*y…’nuff said.” You decide, I guess.

Next week’s prediction
: I hear the new Animal Collective is pretty good…

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