Celebrity Justice 101: Can Fame and Dollars Buy You Innocence?


Here’s a quick primer on the shocking cases that many feel add up to the modern Mount Rushmore of celeb-justice abominations.

*O.J. Simpson was declared not guilty of double murder in 1995. Something about how the gloves didn’t match his pickaxe.

*The Ramseys ran free after JonBenet’s death. Apparently someone came into their house without a trace, didn’t bring paper, wrote a ransom note with found materials, and never bothered call for the ransom money–because they’d left dead little JonBenet right in the basement! Uh-huh.

*Robert Blake was found not guilty of slaughtering his wife in 2005. The fact that he clearly did it was overshadowed by the jury’s awe that they were in the same room as Baretta!

*Phil Spector was (temporarily) saved by a hung jury in 2007. I guess kooky Lana Clarkson accepted Phil’s offer to come over, thinking “Gee, maybe he has a loaded gun there and I can kill myself! This will be productive!”

Any other faves? Chandra Levy? Natalee Holloway? Baby Caylee?