Matt and Kim on Touring With Cut Copy, Those Whopping $31.80 Tickets


photo by Tod Seelie

Matt and Kim came up playing lofts, warehouse, galleries, basements–and still do locally whenever the circumstances permit, though their ever-increasing popularity makes it impossible to throw down at, say, Dead Herring without murdering its show potential forever. So even when our favorite keyboard-punk clapfest plays venues with hard tickets and triple-marked fire exits, they stills try to abide by a DIY ethos with cheap covers and, ideally, lowered-age minimums. (The Music Hall of Williamsburg last Thursday: $10, 16-plus.)

So while it made total vibe-sense to see them jump on the upcoming Cut Copy tour, perhaps the ticket prices seemed a little steep–$25 smackers, plus additional Subway-value-meal fees. When I talked with Matt and Kim a couple weeks ago about the Cut Copy tour, on the same day we were filming this lovely thing called Indie Cribz, they brought up how they’re reconciling the fact that tickets cost as much as your month’s ComCast contribution. The answer is Australia (I think).

So you’re playing Terminal 5 with Cut Copy?

Kim: We were questioned about that tour and we were, like, ‘Well, how expensive are the tickets?’ We were told that at most they’d be $15-20. And then I get the spreadsheet and I’m like, “25 dollars?!?” In my mind, I keep being like, “They’re just coming from Australia. That’s why it has to be so expensive.”

Matt: I mean, it’s expensive, but for that band to come from Australia and their tour bus. Meanwhile, it’s all eight-hour drives that their bus will be doing at night.

Kim: Eight hour? There’re like 10 hour drives on that tour.

Matt: We’ll be in our van, trying to keep up, but we’ve done that before without sleeping. But it’ll be fun.

We didn’t even know Cut Copy very much before we were asked to do that trip, and we just went on YouTube and looked them up, and we just saw that they had a crowd that liked to dance. It wasn’t people who just stared at their feet. And it looked fun. People go out to have fun and dance at their shows.

Kim: When we announced it, we got a lot of response. People were really excited. Surprisingly, because I didn’t know who they were.

It seems to make more sense than Against Me!

Kim: It’s funny. When we did the Against Me! support, it made perfect sense to us. This is the perfect band. But everybody was like, “Oh, that’s gonna be weird.”

Matt: [They were like,] “That crowd is not gonna like you.” But in my mind, I was like, “No, I remember seeing them in basements. They are on the exact same path as us.” In my mind, we were like, very similer. But I also classify things by the vibe they have more than a genre. People want to go have fun. When we were doing shows with Girl Talk, I was like, “This is the same sort of vibe, this makes sense.”

Matt and Kim open for Cut Copy at Terminal 5 on Saturday, March 21. Tickets are $31.80, but both these bands are awesome, so.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2009

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