Missbehave Goes Online-Only; “Eating Disorder Board Game” Better Be Available Via PDF


Sassy Brooklyn streetgirl mag Missbehave announced today that it’s going online-only, which means, sadly, that we will never get to see Jenny Lewis dressed like a Bratz doll in a tube-top and gold chains. Sigh. The magazine never saw a grammar rule it didn’t smack like an ex’s new bitch, but where else were you going to see a cover line like “Go Team Cankle!”? They’ll still be online, thankfully, which is how they’re spinning this too:

    We have pretty big news over here at Missbehave today. So,here [sic] goes…We’re going 100% Digital [sic] starting this March! What does this mean for you dear reader [sic]…everything[sic]! In March [sic] Missbehave [sic] will be relaunched with a new look and loads of new features that are comparable to the print edition [sic] plus more of the blog you know and love. Bigger, better, faster, stronger and all online! We are super stoked to bring you all the awesome content with out [sic] all that pesky paper!

This better mean that the next “Eating Disorder Board Game” is available via PDF. What would us girls do without “Bulimia Place or Puke”?

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