On Jim Jones’s “Na Na”


Well, I guess what do you expect from a guy who meets his court date (for slapping a rapper outside of the Louis Vuitton store, a graven image that should probably be put on his tombstone now, since no one will be able to do anything more perfectly representative of what this guy is about, no matter how long he lives) by making a blunt-saturated music video in the car on the way over? Flex ran this song back 14 or 15 times last night, but what are you gonna do? I buy it–now that Cam’s wherever Cam is, Jim Jones really is what passes for swagger in New York.

This video via Nah Right

Snow metaphors at Asher Roth levels of bourgeosie, typically brilliant ad-libs, and a chorus that probably really deserves to be heard out of a car window (shades of “Suck It or Not,” which sounded great halfway down the block), not headphones-style, Jones screaming na na na na na in your ear like that’s not all you hear every time dude raps…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2009

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