Troubled Tropic Zone Sued for Racist Non-Hiring of Bikini Girl


As if the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, whose management has recently been hit with rape and sexual harrassment accusations, isn’t having enough trouble, now the Daily News reports that “former Hooters girl” Melody Morales is suing them for rejecting her because, the managers are alleged to have told her, “You don’t speak white,” “You are ghetto,” and “I am not going to ruin my business with your Latin accent.” “They never even looked at me in a bikini,” Morales says, which might have overridden even racist objections, but it’s too late for that now: her suit’s filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

The story spellbinds News commenters: “Please lose the lipliner-with-no-lipstick look,” “that picture above is clearly PHOTOSHOPPED!! Why do her sides/waist area have JAGGED LINES??!!,” “This was not photoshopped, it was probably done using MS PAINT! LOL,” etc.

The Zone was last mentioned in the paper (unless they advertise there, which we doubt) last week, when alleged rape victim Giulietta Consalvo filed her lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court, revealing her claim that the restaurant tried to bribe her out of reporting the assault.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2009


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