Under the Sea Salad: Rush Limbaugh’s Sad Childhood


Under the Sea Salad

Alan Scherstuhl, the theater critic from the Kansas City Pitch, also writes a series of blogs called “Studies in Crap,” in which he examines weird old books (and other crap) from thrift stores.

Well, guess what he dug up today? An old community cookbook from Missouri called Recipes from Old Cape Girardeau, which features the recipes of one Mrs. Rush H. Limbaugh, Senior. Yes, that would be the mother of Rush Limbaugh, he of the pill-popping and the nonsensical tirades.

One look at Mrs. Rush H. Limbaugh Sr.’s recipes will help you muster up some compassion for her son. Because it turns out that little Rushie’s mom fed him some truly hideous concoctions. Perhaps you would develop an appetite for pills, too, if your mom fed you Under the Sea Salad.

Under the Sea Salad does not feature any creature that ever lived under the sea. Nor is it a The Little Mermaid-themed bonbon. Instead, it is a two-tiered Jell-o salad, with a lime Jell-o, black olive and pineapple base, topped with more lime jello, cream cheese and Miracle Whip.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2009

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