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Voice of Bart Simpson Robo-Calls for Scientology


given $10 million to the people who made her crazy.”

That may be coming up in our heads more often, alas, since we heard this tape (found via Xenu TV) of Cartwright robo-calling for a Scientology event. It’s not so much that she starts by saying, “This is Bart Simpson” — she quickly says she’s just kidding and identifies herself. But she keeps talking in the voice of Bart as she announces “I’m now auditing on New OTVII,” says that she will “share my many wins” as an “auditor” at a the Hollywood Scientology event, and assures us, “It’s gonna be a blast, man! (Bart laugh)” before asking us to call and confirm our attendance. It’s as if we’d heard Bugs Bunny making a speech for Hamas (“Poisonally, Doc, I prefer jihad”).

Update, January 29: Original video with Bart images was yanked from YouTube, which says that it was “no longer available due to a copyright claim by Twentieth Century Fox.” They sure found that infringement a lot faster than usual. No worries, here’s the tape without the cartoons.

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