Cabrito’s Rajas con Crema


The West Village’s Cabrito (50 Carmine Street) earned one star from Frank Bruni in the Times today and mixed praise from our own Robert Sietsema last July. For the big game this Sunday, they’re offering 6-foot heroes made from their special recipe chili-marinated pork. If your Super Bowl celebration doesn’t require quite that much food, the restaurant was kind enough to share another recipe with us that’s equally tasty for snacking or side-dishing on during the big game. The recipe for Cabrito’s Rajas con Crema is below:

Rajas con Crema

(Serves 2)


1 whole Poblano Pepper
Canola Oil
1 pinch Cilantro Leaves
½  ounce Lime Juice
½ cup Mexican Crema (Chipilo brand preferred)
3 Flour Tortillas


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 28, 2009

  1. Place poblano directly over an open flame, and turning regularly, roast until charred all over. Place roasted pepper in a small bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap and allow to steam, 15 minutes. Remove pepper from bowl, peel off charred skin, remove stem and seeds and tear chili into strips.
  2. Heat a sauté pan over medium high heat. Add a touch of canola oil and sauté rajas for approximately one minute. Add cilantro leaves and add lime juice.
  3. Add crema to pan and cook over high heat until crema is reduced to a nice, thick creamy consistency.
  4. Serve in a small bowl on a small platter with warm flour tortillas on the side.


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