Inauguration Special, Pt II: Barack, Michelle, Beyonce


Let’s let this Vibe clip/description speak for itself:

    Captured on video by singer John Legend, the Obamas walked up to greet Beyonce. Michelle Obama says, “Mr. President, you didn’t tell Beyonce about ‘Single Ladies’? Your rendition?”

    “I’m not like Justin [Timberlake]” Obama says laughing, referring to Timberlake’s spoof of the video on Saturday Night Live. “I didn’t put on the outfit. …[But] I didn’t want my girls thinking that I couldn’t, you know…I got a lil something.”

    He then does the infamous hand flip.

Alright, or not. I find this moving all sorts of ways (how nervous all of these mega pop stars are around the first couple; how Obama’s charisma basically reaches through even shaky, poor-quality video footage and wraps both hands around your throat). But I’ll settle for this: Michelle calling Barack “Mr. President” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is a beautiful, romantic thing.

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