Pix from Ayada


Here is the visual evidence of four wonderful meals at the new Thai restaurant Ayada, which focuses on the cusine of Bangkok, but tips its metaphorical hat to other regions of the country as well.


The beef noodle soup can be had with pig blood (shown) or without.

Of the whole fish options, steamed is the best, and the most visually impressive.

From an extensive curry list, kang som sour curry comes with shrimp and swatches of vegetable omelet — there are no other options.

Thai fried rice is a wonderful meal unto itself.

Don’t worry — there are plenty of Isaan dishes on the menu, including this scrumptious sour sausage.

Our dining party one evening included (l to ri) Sara, Gretchen, Melissa, Carmen, and Georgia.

And the littlest diner — Nadir