Troubled Hotel Carter Named America’s Dirtiest


We have to feel for the Hotel Carter, one of the undistinguished midtown hotels caught up in the recent Federal suit for not providing sufficient handicapped access to their hotels. You’ll recall that the hotel’s lawyer took advantage of that moment in the sun to promote his client thus: “Is it a palace? No. Is it the strange place it might have been a few years ago? No, and it’s getting better.”

Perhaps it is, but not enough: Travel site TripAdvisor has just released its 2009 top-ten list of America’s dirtiest hotels. Guess who’s number one? Critics complain of “Roaches, rats, mice, horrible smells, dirty sheets,” etc. Also, bedbugs!

New Yorkers will be interested to know that we are also represented on TripAdvisor’s list by the New York Inn on Eighth between 46th and 47th, and the Ramada Plaza Hotel by JFK International Airport. We’re the only town with three names on the list. Maybe the 70s are coming back.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 28, 2009

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