Vanity, Thy Name is Author


The Times has a fun piece today about the proliferation of vanity publishing in a time when traditional publishers are struggling.

As the article points out, the vast majority of self-published books end up being purchased by no one but the author and a few family members. But that doesn’t seem to stop these writers from sending us press releases every damn day of the week about their precious new works of genius.

Thought we’d share some of these for your consumption. What follows is a sample of just some of the press releases we received this very morning – we get many more every day of the week from Xlibris, which, no doubt, charges these lunkheads for the privilege.

Note the heartbreaking sincerity. The passionate belief that one’s own, hitherto unheralded, life is raw material for a gripping novel. Or at least a book of poetry.

And when you’re done, imagine the life of the poor sap who has to read enough of these books to write these releases. Hey, maybe he or she ought to write a book about it – I know someone who will publish it, and then send out a press release!

Inspiring Daily Faith Through Poetic Persuasion

God is in everything. Anyone will discover this simple truth if he or she takes a moment to stop, look closer and reflect, as Veda Duff Tohline adequately demonstrates in her inspiring poetry collection, Poems of Faith for Daily Living, released through Xlibris…

Follow the Life of a Fellow American

In life, people like plans and make them to create a more or less foreseeable future for themselves. But what if one’s plans are too ideal and are simply beyond his reach? Lou Scorziello explores this powerful theme in his stirring novel about charting one’s own course in life, Fellow American…[which] follows Frank Columbo and his journey of self-determination through the United States Marine Corps…

Follow a Courageous Battle to be Free of Invisible Foes

Embark on a fascinating journey that will take you through the roaring twenties and into the dirty thirties, then into the forties where an enchanting little girl was born and later found out she had epilepsy. Author SL Beauchamp shares her real experiences and the struggles she went through to overcome The Invisible Foes She Encounters

Discover How Poetry Can Heal You

When you’re in your teens and you’re confronted with one of life’s most bitter realities, how will you cope? When you feel like your only option is either death or imprisonment, what will you do? Author Bruce Hansley gives you a masterpiece, which is a reflection of how he has been feeling and coping with the many trials and hurts while in prison. The New American Poet: Poems of Love, Inspiration, and Faith is a collection of beautiful poems that speak of the magic of love, the bliss of your first kiss, the hurts in goodbye, and the beauty of rising up with God…

How Many Ways Do You Love to Read?

Reading is fun. It is enriching and exciting at the same time. While having the pleasure of reading, you will learn many things. Making it a hobby or interest, author Amy Klees shares that reading can be done anytime and anywhere. In her colorful illustrated book, 100 Ways I Love to Read, let’s find out these ways so that somehow we can use them…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 28, 2009

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