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City Council Contenders Bellow, Chant Their Positions


This lovely little video shows city councilmember Larry Seabrook engaged in colloquy on a Bronx sidewalk with former cop Jerome Rice, who wants Seabrook’s well-worn council seat. It begins with Rice’s questions about closed community centers, and rises to loud and repetitive accusations of “sellout,” “idiot,” “corrupt cop,” “title holder,” “misappropriation of funds,” etc. The refrains of “sold-out Seabrook” and “guys that don’t tell the truth like you do” are musical, and suitable for remix.

Our Tom Robbins took a look at Seabrook last year, when he was being investigated — not for the first time, and in this case for an apparently bogus job-training program. Previously Seabrook and his colleagues tried to throw another Voice reporter and a photographer down a flight of stairs. (h/t John DeSio.)


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