Don’t Embrace Your Gay Kids! Just Turn Them Straight!


That’s the message of some twisted group called the International Healing Foundation, which just sent out the attached press release in the wake of the TV movie Prayers for Bobby, in which a mother realizes the church shouldn’t judge gays, especially since that kind of oppression helped drive her son to suicide. What IHOP–I mean IHF–feels is that it’s not the church’s obstinence–or anyone else’s–that should be cured, it’s gayness itself. They believe in using “compassion and love” when dealing with anyone experiencing “SSA” (i.e., same sex attraction), but their main compassionate and loving point is that sexuality can be changed like a pair of jeans!

Vomit! When will these morons realize that (a) You can’t change sexuality, you can only make people suppress their real feelings in shame; (b) If you could really change sexuality, why not urge some straights to go gay, just for fun?; and (c) Their attitude is just the kind of pigheaded “logic” that leads to suicide!


The Question is: How Do We Love Gays the Right Way?

Lifetime aired the heart-wrenching made-for-TV movie “Prayers for Bobby” this weekend. It tells the true story of a son driven to suicide by his mother’s refusal to accept his homosexuality. After Bobby’s death, his mother, Mary Griffith, concludes that gays are born that way and the church was wrong in their judgment of those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA). We too believe that many people of faith are misinformed about this issue.

At the International Healing Foundation, we are fervent in our mission to promote the facts about SSA with compassion and love. We believe that people are not born with SSA and that changing from gay to straight is possible. We also believe that families and people of faith must learn how to love those who experience SSA. Over the past twenty years we have developed groundbreaking, successful solutions to these highly volatile issues through Coming Out Straight for individuals, and Gay Children, Straight Parents for families.

Each book presents the meaning and causes of SSA and the process of transformation. Gay Children, Straight Parents is a plan for family healing, teaching everyone how to love “gays” the right way. If Mary Griffith, and others like her knew this information, their children would find the love they desperately need. “People can and do change their sexual orientation. I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others do the same,” declares sexual reorientation special Richard Cohen, M.A. Cohen further states, “There is no conclusive evidence that anyone’s sexual orientation is determined from birth; no one chooses to have SSA; and change is possible.” We grieve for Bobby’s passing. We grieve for his family’s loss. We know that these tragedies can and must be prevented. We have solutions and there is much hope.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 29, 2009

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