Michelle Obama’s Bold Fashion Sense


Our first lady may have some controversial sartorial taste, but at least she goes for bold designers who are one of us, if you know what I mean. Gone are the uptown days of Oscar de la Whatshisname and Arnold Isaacs-spelt-backwards. Michelle favors kooky clothiers like the different-drum-following Tracey Feith, Latina lovebug Isabel Toledo, and downtown darling Jason Wu, who did the RuPaul and naked Amanda Lepore dolls, for chrissake. (Wu hoo! How long will it be before Michelle tucks for her own Jason Wu doll, complete with a voodoo version that Sarah Palin can stick hairpins in?)

But I just figured out who Michelle’s chartreuse looking inauguration outfit, done by holy Toledo, would have looked even better on. My friend Mickey Boardman from Paper magazine! Mickey has sported many a bedazzled, green/gold/whatever number and made them look like coming-out gowns worthy of the finest cotillion balls. And what balls! His greens have me bloodshot with envy, his sparkles pierce through my skull and say “Submit, bitch.” Who says Michelle is our first lady anyway? Mr. Mickey was wearing this stuff way before SHE hit the racks!

Credit: Caroline Torem Craig

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 29, 2009

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