Somebody Take Over ‘Words I Learned From David Foster Wallace’


In an act that my 16-year-old (and 26-year-old) self can ruefully relate to, Nancy Martira has spent the last few months reading “the works of the late, great David Foster Wallace with a dictionary in hand,” untangling the meaning of words like “autotelic” and “sesquipedalian” and posting their definitions on her blog. (For my part, “hieratic” and “hypertrophic” are two I still remember angrily breaking off from the text to go look up.) Today, Martira announces she’s quitting:

    I’ve had to abandon this blog to devote more time to Publicly Relating. If you’re interested in taking over “Words I Learned From Reading David Foster Wallace,” please let me know.

Someone should really think about stepping up and taking over, if only because there’s like 1,000 more obscure words to go before this project is really finished…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 29, 2009

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