Thorns of Life’s Blake Schwarzenbach: “There Were As Many Blowhards and Poseurs in Academia as There Were in Indie Rock”


Credit: Shanty Cheryl Groff

For those not already sick of hearing about Thorns of Life, Blake Schwarzenbach’s post-Jawbreaker, post-Jets to Brazil project, the SF Weekly‘s All Shook Down posts a Q&A.

It’s been roughly six years since you’ve played music in the public sphere. What factors, personally or professionally, motivated your initial departure and your decision to return to playing out?

I didn’t feel there was any connection between music and the real world, so I left. I wanted to cram all my sloppy ideology into some historical framework. Thus, grad school. It was a welcome respite and a great way to survive the wars the U.S. was waging against the Arab world. Then I realized there were as many blowhards and poseurs in academia as there were in indie rock.

I’m pretty sure this is what “New York’s Giving Me the Creeps” is about…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 29, 2009

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