Thorns of Life’s Blake Schwarzenbach: “There Were As Many Blowhards and Poseurs in Academia as There Were in Indie Rock”


Credit: Shanty Cheryl Groff

For those not already sick of hearing about Thorns of Life, Blake Schwarzenbach’s post-Jawbreaker, post-Jets to Brazil project, the SF Weekly‘s All Shook Down posts a Q&A.

    It’s been roughly six years since you’ve played music in the public sphere. What factors, personally or professionally, motivated your initial departure and your decision to return to playing out?

    I didn’t feel there was any connection between music and the real world, so I left. I wanted to cram all my sloppy ideology into some historical framework. Thus, grad school. It was a welcome respite and a great way to survive the wars the U.S. was waging against the Arab world. Then I realized there were as many blowhards and poseurs in academia as there were in indie rock.

I’m pretty sure this is what “New York’s Giving Me the Creeps” is about…