Albany Wants Video Games Labeled for Sodomy, S&M, Etc.


Just recently, the New York State Legislature was trying to protect minors from racist video games. Now it’s back to worrying over sex and violence. A new Assembly bill demands labeling, above and beyond what the Entertainment Software Rating Board already requires, to warn parents of the possibility that the game they’re buying their kids may contain “Sodomy,” “Bestiality,” “Sado-Masochism,” “Morbid Violence” (as opposed, presumably, to the upbeat, life-affirming kind), “Religious Violence” (whoops, we see that’s covered), and several other categories of no-no. “In order to raise a healthy, well adjusted child,” says the bill’s lengthy, nannying preamble, “parents must be aware of what their children are doing for fun.”

“I’d love for my six-year-old to pick up my copy of Call of Duty 4 and then ask what sodomy is,” says Ars Technica. “Yes, this bill would really protect the children.”


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 30, 2009


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