New Asobi Seksu Video, O’Death Mixtape, and Tonight’s Brooklyn Vs. Baltimore Show Was Moved


Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

Impose is having a birthday party show on Saturday at Cake Shop. It’s free if you were born in January.

O’Death mixtape. Unfortunately this doesn’t include yodeling diss tracks aimed at Akron/Family. On that note, those other hippies have got some more news about their album and stuff.

Crazy Brooklyn vs. Baltimore blowout tonight! USAISAMONSTER apparently now performs as a four piece, These Are Powers are back from a long tour (and about to embark on another), Blank Dogs just signed to In The Red, and Dan Deacon will be there. The $3 show was recently relocated from Danbro Studios to the 1896, the address of which you’ll now find on Todd P’s website.

New Asobi Seksu video, “Me & Mary,” off their upcoming album Hush, is out. Slow but steady, this will be their third album, released two years after their sophomore Citrus. Like many other bands who began in the earlier half decade, they’ve pinched up the excess in their pop and now present it clean and dressed for mass acceptance. We’ll see where that takes them.

In a similar vein, Ra Ra Riot and Harlem Shakes, the two bands most associated with Vampire Weekend prior to their canonization, have both reinvigorated their indie rock careers. Ra Ra Riot was recently remixed by Passion Pit, and will be opening for Death Cab on their spring tour. Harlem Shakes are sitting on a new album, with a track released this week.

Ongoing Animal Collective buzz-keel towards hangover: social theory edition.

TV on the Radio cover David Bowie.

Maino, the guy who wrote “Hi Hater,” remix.

Bad Brains movie?

High Places announce new song… lyrics on their blog: (“A fissure formed and when it grew / The atmosphere gained molten spew / Billions of years and then there’s you / With ashen hair and fiery moods”). Hmm.

New Telepathe video

Look for Vivian Girls, Gang Gang Dance, Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Antony, Public Enemy, We Are Scientists (they exist!), Hold Steady, A Place to Bury Strangers at Coachella 2009, among many others.

Raekwon and Ghostface vs. Jim Jones.

Stars Like Fleas slow rise towards New York classic chamber band.

Truly, nothing is holy: Bob Dylan to sing a track with For the Super Bowl?

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