Strange Snacks of the World–Yogurt Scotch


With some free time to kill between work and dinner the other day, I wandered into JAS Mart on St. Mark’s, just to poke around. The words “yogurt” and “scotch” caught my eye–yogurt and scotch being two of my favorite things. The little box looked like a pack of clove cigarettes (not one of my favorite things), and seemed to contain candy of some kind. I bought it, just to see what it was.

The candies turn out to have nothing to do with scotch, but are condensed yogurt hard candies–smooth little lozenges that taste like tart, sweet yogurt. They’re very tasty. Plus, for those of you addicted to Pinkberry, et al, these candies could function like nicorette gum.

Jas Mart
35 St. Mark’s Place

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 30, 2009


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