Week in Review: Type “Motorhead” into an iPhone and it Auto-Adds the Umlaut


photo of the Fucked Up Inauguration Day crowd by Santiago Felipe

In the week we said goodbye to John Updike, twice, and Missbehave Magazine once, we said hello to American Idol judge Kara’s cleavage, the U2 song “Get on Your Boots,” and welcomed Hanoi Jane back.

Cold and poor, we also watched a shitload of television: MTV’s The City, Flight of the Conchords, American Idol (again), the Real World Brooklyn, and Lost, and Lil Wayne with Katie Couric.

As for the week in other rappers’ hijinks, Wale proclaimed that he doesn’t listen to “Dischord Bands,” Jeezy clapped back at Bill O’Reilly, then says he’d rather watch Jimmy Kimmell, Jim Jones went “Na Na,” Kid Sister didn’t take fanboys out on a Dream Date, Raekwon and Ghostface put out “Criminology 2,” and 50 Cent embarrassed Rick Ross, and Biggie’s kids continued to be damn cute.

What else did we do? We saw Kings of Leon, sat through Young Jean Lee’s The Shipment at the Kitchen, watched Songsmith remixes, adored the hand dryers at the Stars Like Fleas show, listened to Stacy Peralta talk about Crips and Bloods: Made in America, and played Assteroidz, a fully functional arcade version of Asteroids wherein you fire bullets out of David Lee Roth’s crotch so as to blow up Van Halen logos. Blam!

Last, but hardly least: THORNS OF LIFE!