What’s Your Favorite Type of Queen?


Here are your esteemed (albeit offensively stereotypical) choices:

*Size queen. You know, the type that only wants to feel something when penetrated. Picky, picky.

*Rim queen. The kind of guy who’s never heard of the popular phrase “Don’t shit where you eat.”

*Rice queen. He craves Asian, and he’s hungry for more an hour later.

*Dinge queen. No, this is not the same as a size queen–necessarily.

*Gym queen. Works out all day for his health, so he can do drugs and have unsafe sex all night.

*Closet queen. He’s so fond of interior design, he’s locked himself right into it.

And finally…

*Theater queen. Possibly the kinkiest type of all. In fact, whenever I see someone holding a Playbill, I make the sign of the cross with my fingers and run the other way!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 30, 2009

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