YouTube Treasure: Downtown in the ’80s!


The Fabulous Pop Tarts–aka Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato–were an underground techno pop duo in the ’80s on their way to becoming award winning TV and movie producers. Check out this time-tunnel clip of their infectious song “New York City Beat,” with quickie video snippets by the late Nelson Sullivan, and see if you can spot the hot shots of the following Gotham legends, all in their most ’80s-ish finery:

John Sex. A lounge singer extraordinaire, he kept his hair stiff thanks to a mixture of egg whites and semen.

Dean Johnson. The sardonic rapper/rocker had NO hair, but he did sport a saucy black dress and tons of tude.

Tish Gervais. “The girl with something extra”–and I’m glad she kept it because nowadays she’s Brian again.

Christina. The crazy, scary drag queen who carried around a wig and petted it, calling it her baby. Who was I to argue?

And by the way, yes, that’s me in three separate visions–with Holly Woodlawn, Albert Crudo, and at a dinner table. Can you believe I was so thin without doing drugs?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 30, 2009

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