Dolphins Prepare Meals


What’s for dinner?

Apparently, humans are not the only ones who are particular about their food. According to British researchers at the University of Exeter, a dolphin has twice been filmed preparing its food according to a certain “recipe”–a behavior that’s extremely rare, even in mammals.

The female, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin was filmed herding cuttlefish to the seafloor, killing one of the squid quickly with its snout, and then beating the body with its snout to get rid of all the squid’s black ink. (Dolphins find the ink hard to digest and not very tasty. No squid ink risotto for them.) Then the dolphin dragged the cuttlefish across the sand to get rid of the animal’s cartridge. Only then, after preparing the squid the way she liked it, did she eat it.

Scientists do not believe this is an isolated incident, as clean cuttlefish bones have been found floating on the ocean’s surface after a dolphin pod moves through.


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