Everything About Hiram Monserrate Has Become Hilarious


Everything Hiram Monserrate touches, or that touches him, now turns to comedy gold. The new state senator, still facing charges that he smashed a glass into the face of his girlfriend (who now says it was an accident), recently hired a “reputation management” firm to help him through the hard times. This weekend he was being publicly denounced in Albany by New York NOW President Marcia Pappas when, Elizabeth Benjamin reports, a contingent of “Women for Monserrate” showed up, remonstrating with cries of “Monserrate is Innocent” and signs that said “Since Day One, It’s Been An Accident.” “What’s very typical for abusers,” said an unabashed Pappas, “is to hide behind the skirts of women.”

If you visit Monserrate’s senate web page, you’ll see a typical, hideous Albany landscape with the caption, “Caption 1.” Click the other images to see “Caption 2,” “Caption 3,” etc. You can also learn about Monserrate’s fight to “Keep Deadly Geese Away from Passenger Planes.” and “review legislation sponsored by the Senator.” (It’s a quick read.)

The laff-ripples extend to the candidates running in a special election for Monserrate’s vacated city council seat. Francisco Moya is promoting his candidacy with a Spanish mailer that unfortunately leaves the tilde off the word “anos,” changing a phrase apparently meant to say “At the age of 15…” to something like “At fifteen anuses…” Perhaps coincidentally, Moya is supported by the Stonewall Democrats.