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John Wilcock’s Idealism Deflated


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March 8, 1962, Vol. VII, No. 20

About Liberal Action

By John Wilcock

Some weeks ago (The Village Square, January 25), I wrote a column suggesting that the active members of various pacifist, liberal, civil-rights groups cooperate jointly on a project to picket, boycott, and harass such situations and organizations as might be generally agreed upon. I established an address for this group (Liberal Action, P.O. Box 1707, NYC 1) and suggested that those interested might send $1 to receive mailings if such a group could be started.

I also wrote to various magazines (Nation, New Leader, Carolina Israelite, Progressive, Texas Observer, Frontier) asking if they’d care to cooperate over the project and join a committee to agree on projects that might benefit from mutual action. All the magazines above failed to reply to either of my two letters.

A few other magazines (Realist, Independent, Californian, Dissent, Liberation, New Republic) replied, most of them expressing qualified support. Box 1707 also received letters — and dollars — from about 25 readers and groups.

In view of this, therefore, it seems that Liberal Action is a flop. When the box rent express next month I’m letting it lapse unless somebody would like to take over the project from here. I’ll be happy to turn over the names and addresses to any bona fide group with one of the aforementioned interests. The dollars will be returned to the senders in a couple of weeks’ time unless I hear otherwise from the senders.

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