Michael Phelps Career Should Not Go Up In Smoke


Can everyone just puff on some weed and chill about the whole Michael Phelps mess which has sparked a deafening roar of disapproval due to the photo that just ran of the swimmer casually puffing on a bong at a party a few months ago? The entire world economy is crumbling into an international trash pail as the result of unspeakable levels of greed and corruption and the big issue facing us today is whether some swimmer took a toke at a time when he wasn’t even in the middle of any competition? And he’s now apologized and the Olympics even accepted it?

Kindly inhale some crack and relax and let my man get even higher on the rare occasions when he’s pulled himself out of the depths of the pool, OK? The only dumb thing he did was get photographed in the act! Michael, next time go into a closet!

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