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Obama’s Old NY Apartment Still Sucks


We used to live in Madonna’s old building and one day a Brit TV crew came in and asked all the residents for their Ciccone memories. The younger tenants had nothing to say and the older ones tried to extort money.

Times have changed. Today the Observer cleverly interviews a tenant of the apartment at 142 W. 109th Street where Barack Obama resided in his Columbia days. “Freelance video producer” James Papadopoulos actually has at least one roommate (whose brother painted the apartment, perhaps as a condition of tenancy) but we never hear from him/her. We do learn that Papadopoulos was interviewed with “eyes hidden behind reflective sunglasses” and “mulled and disregarded ideas for capitalizing on the apartment’s former occupant, like giving tours,” so we assume he must have done something to piss off the interviewer.

We also learn that the heat problems that caused our famously cold-blooded future President to leave the place still persist, even though rent on the 2BR has risen to a hilarious $2,250, and that the slumlord Bita Sassouni doesn’t return phone calls. Maybe Obama can send a few Secret Service men over to visit the former Hillary Clinton supporter and alleged tenant harasser and put the fear on her.



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