New York

SAG President Doesn’t Want a Lift!


A nasty person would probably say the president of SAG is also the president of sagging. But nasty people ain’t me! It’s true that Alan Rosenberg, who heads the actors group, flaunts his jowls and wrinkles in a way that seems at odds with the Botoxed bunch he’s in charge of. But I think that’s absolutely refreshing! Seeing Rosenberg so shamelessly parade his 58-year–old face on the SAG awards last week, I was thrilled to encounter someone who finally has the nerve to show what a human punim is supposed to look like at a certain age, assuming it hasn’t been sliced and diced and injected to alternate as a lineoleum floor. The sight of his puss in a roomful of chronic age-deniers was shocking–but only in the way harsh truths are shocking and ultimately useful.

Rosenberg (who I most remember from the bouncy Cybill) should never be embarrassed to show his face in public–though he WAS in the unspeakable stinker Righteous Kill.

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