Strange Snacks of the World: Tamarindo


The Tamarind fruit, or Tamarindo, can be used to make an exciting Mexican street food also called Tamarindo. Reporting to you from the mean streets of Baja, where I’m researching street food, salsa, and beer, I sampled a Tamarindo ball from a cart of street food. There were two options–a sweet one coated in sugar and a spicy one coated in what appeared to be cayenne pepper. On the vendor’s rec, I went with the spicy option, and gave an enthusiastic yes to his offer to squeeze fresh limon juice and hot sauce over it. Once fully equipped, my little gummy ball of tamarind fruit glistened aubergine beneath a radioactive orange layer of hot sauce.

It tasted okay. The gummy fruit ball was like a big mish-mash of fruit
roll-ups. There were a number of seeds to pick around, and perhaps I
should have just eaten them. In the end, it did allow for the naughty
indulgence of slurping a tasty mixture of limon and hot sauce from a
baby spoon. The ball o’ fruit was just okay, but the hot sauce-limon
slurping was pretty great.

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