Super Bowl Pleases Fans of Steelers, Stupid Ads


The consensus was that the Super Bowl game was great, though nitpickers found it more exciting than well-played. But what about the ads? The TimesStuart Elliott was underwhelmed (“as if bonuses were being awarded on Madison Avenue for the least creative briefs”), but he’s a pro — ordinary people were less picky (“any commercial where a koala gets punched in face gets my stamp of approval”). The Graphicology design blog was admirably specific (“The Annual Let’s Use a Monkey Award: Goes to Castrol Edge”), and made the excellent point, “Tasteless Spot of the Game — We should just rename this the GoDaddy category.” GoDaddy never fails to disappoint, and this time did so with a NASCAR driver. (As usual, you can see even worse at their website. GeekDad noted GoDaddy had the worst commercials of the first and fourth quarters.)

We felt most keenly the pain of The Gamer Access: “Now we all have heard of it being possible and have been expecting a Super Bowl commercial from Sony for upcoming title, Killzone 2. After watching the Super Bowl (by the way, congratulations to the Steelers), there were no signs of Sony or Killzone 2. What’s the meaning of this?” Alas, some questions — like, why doesn’t Bruce Springsteen spend some money on a larynx transplant — are beyond the purview of this department.


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