Valentine’s Spending Predicted Down; AAD Suggests Romantic Mole Check


Though U.S. spending on holidays has been climbing in recent years, the National Retail Foundation has a more modest prediction for Valentine’s Day: “Consumers Opt for Quality Time with Loved Ones over Traditional Gifts.” They still predict an average consumer spend of $122.98, though. The analysts at IbisWorld say “Love’s On a Budget,” predict jewelry spending down 5.1 percent, greeting card spending up 1.1 percent. So you may want to plan a simple romantic evening on February 14, as suggested by the American Academy of Dermatology: “Dermatologists Encourage Couples to Examine Each Other’s Skin for Suspicious Moles That Could be Skin Cancer.” Mrrow! They even supply an online body mole map, which should save you a trip to the Pleasure Chest. Let’s just hope Babeland offers another promotional giveaway.



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