The Bonnaroo 2009 Lineup’s Secret Weapon


If you’re real lucky maybe she’ll rip off her afro wig mid-song and slam it down on the stage.

I myself have never braved the differently hygienic masses at Bonnaroo, Tennessee’s annual long-weekend hippie/hipster soiree. But the announcement of this year’s lineup — held June 11-14 in Manchester, TN — has oddly energized me. My Springsteen affections are well-known of course, but you really should see him before you die/he dies. (Not to alarm you, but there’s a decent chance the Boss will win that battle, actually.) Phish’ll be a hoot. Plenty of intrigue from there from the big shots (Al Green! David Byrne!) to the fine print (King Sunny Adé! The Knux! Todd Snider!) And it sure beats the crap out of Coachella. But you heard it here first: This year’s best Bonnaroo set? Erykah Badu. Without question the most stupendous live performer in music today. The exactly perfect union of absolute command and volatile loopiness. Plus she just Twitter’d the birth of her daughter, so she’ll have lotsa inspiration. This is gonna be rad. Now excuse me while I go buy a tent.

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