Behind the Scenes of the Vibe Kanye Cover


The beard controversy may be forgotten, but the cover story lives on. Vibe Music Editor Sean Fennessey continues his meta-tour around the internet, popping up at fourfour for “a discussion about the piece — an interview on the interview, if you will — as well as the man himself.”

RJ: We should all be so lucky to be so discussed!

SF: I do think that he is savvy. He knows he has to say this stuff. He’s already built this persona for himself. One thing that’s funny is that when he was falling asleep during the first interview, he felt bad. He was like, “I don’t mean to do this to you. I’m so exhausted.” He was kind of coming in and coming out and at one point, he was like, “I just need to give you the iconic interview to go along with the iconic photo shoot.” He puts pressure on himself to, you know, do the Kanye thing.

RJ: He doesn’t put pressure on himself to converse with you as another human being, though. I know that’s celebrity shit, though, but seriously: how entitled to worry that falling asleep might reflect poorly on his legacy, and not about how rude it is on an interpersonal level!

SF: A lot of times you talk to a famous person and they kind of bullshit you and pretend they’re a lot friendlier than they are or more engaged in the situation. I’m kind of refreshed by the way Kanye acts when he talks to interviewers. Not just me. I’m sort of pleased by the raw frankness and assholishness to what he delivers.

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