Bloomberg Protested, Protesters Arrested at Hyatt Speech


Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg gave a “Future of New York City” speech at a Crain’s event at the Grand Hyatt, for which attendees paid $249 a seat and the Mayor “argued that wealthy people, developers and profitable businesses are crucial to keeping New York City afloat,” says the Wall Street Journal). He was halted for a couple of minutes by about 100 protesters who chanted “Show me what democracy looks like/This is what democracy looks like” before Bloomberg’s security detail, assisted by some cops, to remove them. “I think actually they’re right,” said the Mayor to applause after the disruption. “In most other countries they’d throw them in the slammer. This is what democracy looks like.” Representatives of Right To The City, an umbrella organization of local groups who organized the protest, say eight of their members who remained at the hotel in hopes of speaking to conference representatives were arrested after the event. “We are not going to be shut out of our city or the places where people are discussing issues that affect our lives,” they said. “We demand to be heard.” (video via Azi Paybarah)