City to Open “Business of Sports” School


If your kid neglects his studies, but enjoys watching sports on TV, good news: The Business of Sports School, or BOSS, opens next fall with a class of 91 freshmen, reports Newsday. Local papers stress the involvement of ESPN, but an ESPN spokesman downplays this, saying the sports infotainment company will contribute “a non-financial commitment to help develop a curriculum, in addition to providing other volunteer-based support.” BOSS will offer “mandatory internships” at ESPN The Magazine, ABC Sports and elsewhere, so students will get an education in branding and media along with, we presume, some English, math and science. (Yankee Stadium is among the possible interners, so maybe your offspring will grow up to be the next Steinbrenner, or George Constanza.) The school even has its own Facebook page — in Japan. (Recruiting is part of the business!) No word yet as to whether BOSS will field actual sports teams.


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