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I Took Montreal By (Snow) Storm


I don’t know any French except for “free trip,” so when publicist Norah Lawlor invited me on a Quebec Tourism Board jaunt to Montreal, I totally understood and bit the bait. As you’ll read in the column this week [CLICK HERE], I had le really marvelous time, never feeling as if Montreal is Canada’s number two city or experiencing the least discomfort about the bilinguality of it all. In fact, whatever they were saying, everyone was way friendlier than in New York!

I was put up by the Hotel Opus, where personable owner John Evans hosted a get-together in the Presidential suite and his daughter Katherine–the Paris Hilton meets Leona Helmsley of Canada–gave us a tour of other hot lodgings to be had there.

In the hotel’s lobby, the Koko Restaurant + Bar is one of those sprawling, white, chandeliered, trendy restaurants with piles of Asian delicacies and lots of buzz, all of it acquired naturally.

We even left the premises for fancy meals at other places like Newtown and Bronte, and in between, Richard Burnett–who’s sort of their version of me, writing gay opinions for The Hour weekly–took me around Old Montreal, where the history and quaintness helped block out the bitter temperatures. (Both my faces were frozen solid!)

So did all the bars, clubs, drag queens, and strippers, which I naturally paused to taste and write about!

And back in Gotham, the column also covers the new Broadway fare from Hair to Blithe Spirit to The Story of My Life. It will all be chronicled in my new memoir, La Vie en ‘Hos

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